Display encoder smart human machine interface

Display Encoder for Industrial Human-Machine-Interfaces

Display Encoder Simple Visualization of Complex Operating Steps

At ddm hopt+schuler we are observing a trend towards more complex requirements for our encoders. The increasing spread of intelligent and networked machines raises the expectations for a dynamic and ergonomic interaction between man and machine. The encoder plays an important role as an interface, a so-called Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). Not only experienced readers will ask themselves, what does an encoder have to do with HMI? Our Display Encoder provides the answer.


Constantly New Challenges

In our understanding, an encoder is more than just an interface. The encoder is a success factor, quality feature and important mediator of a positive user experience. To meet this interpretation, we at ddm hopt+schuler have developed a unique display encoder. Our Display Encoder can be supplemented with an indirect ring lighting and different display variants in addition to the selection of different operating forces for the turn and push function. In this way, an optical feedback as well as a visual interface can be added to a purely tactile feedback. As a rule, a modern HMI consists of four components. The human, a display, an input field and the machine. Our HMI solution combines the display with the input by combining the encoder with a display to form an assembly. This results in significant advantages compared to the well-known solutions, such as displays in combination with a foil keyboard or touch screens.


  • Unique design variants
  • Tactile, optical and visual feedback
  • Innovative operating concept
  • Everything from one source
  • Efficient component management
  • Outstanding tactile acknowledgement


The touch screen technology offers numerous possibilities with its wipe and scaleable surface. Nevertheless, touch screen solutions are still waiting for their great success, especially for industrial HMI. Disadvantages such as limited functionality in the event of soiling, susceptibility to scratches and damage, as well as complicated repairs or costly replacement actions keep many solution developers from using them. Robustness and durability were two drivers during the development of the ddm hopt+schuler Display Encoder. For this reason, the encoder is available in different versions up to protection class IP 67 and thus meets the requirement to function as a reliable HMI even under the most difficult conditions.


A user-friendly machine that minimizes the complexity of interaction for the user while making full use of its range of functions is often taken for granted. Industrial interaction by turning and pushing is a long-proven technology and an integral part of today's control elements. The intuitive operation of intelligent machines is easy to learn and efficient thanks to our Display Encoder. It offers you innovative possibilities to visualize your information in a way that the user can easily find and understand it. You can choose between two variants for the operation of the display.

Variant 1

With the so-called "easy plug & play" variant, you define images which we then store in the encoder's memory. The advantage of this variant is that you can comfortably deal with the selection of the images while we take over the control of the display for you. Simple and safe.


Variant 2

With the "extended professional" version you take over the control of the display. Your advantage is that you have complete control over the content to be shown. This variant offers many possibilities up to playing small video sequences. Individual and convincing.


Furthermore, interfaces such as RFID, WiFi or Bluetooth are available. These modern communication methods complement the proven control system and combine all functions in a unique control element.


Technology Need Not Be Complicated

Essentially, the user approaches the display of our Display Encoder. Through an action on the interface, by turning and pushing the bezel or the encoder, the user triggers certain actions on the machine. Our HMI aims to show the reaction of the machine directly on the display. From our experience, we know that solution developers pay particular attention to design, user-friendliness and value when selecting an HMI. The Display Encoder from ddm hopt+schuler combines these factors into an unparalleled solution. The individual design options of the visible components of the encoder allow you to integrate your version into the design of your machine. At the same time, the combination of display and encoder also allows you to design and match the information to the long established and user-friendly control system by turning and pushing. High quality materials ensure the durability of the Display Encoder.


Individual Hardware and Software Design

There are many encoders on the market. Companies can only gain competitive advantages with those that offer more than just technology. An optimal solution consists of hardware and a corresponding software solution. Benefit from mechanical, hardware and software development as well as interlocked processes, all under one roof at ddm hopt+schuler in Rottweil. We attach particular importance to the tactile feedback as a mediator of the desired perception of the HMI. Naturally adjusted to your requirements for our display encoder.


From a multitude of projects worldwide, we know that it can be necessary to provide an HMI solution in different versions. For this reason, the design of the Display Encoder is based on a modular structure. One Display Encoder, many variants.


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