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Switches plus Card Readers and Ticketing Systems


ddm hopt+schuler provides complete solutions for switches, card readers and ticket systems. Thanks to our innovative modular structure, a large number of variations are available for you to choose from. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on the product that is right for you and your individual needs, using our intelligent part numbering system, to accommodate your distinctive product design. ddm hopt+schuler products offer our customers a unique advantage as we can customize our solutions to meet your product needs. We hope you put your trust in the competence of our practical experts when making your decision for these products. We look forward to serving you.

2-Bit Encoder 580 Standard

2-Bit Encoder 580

The ddm hopt+schuler encoder 580, is an encoder with an exceptional tactile feedback, which is realized due to a strong intentional self-alignment from one lock position to the next. Thanks to its special dimensioning, axle wobble and play in the detent position are a thing of the past. This special feature is particularly evident when using a large control knob. As an option, the 580 encoders can be connected via a flexible cable.


Product Information

The 580 rotary encoder from ddm hopt+schuler is available with different operating forces for the turn and push function. The standard version of the Model 580 is a mechanical 2-bit incremental encoder. However, it can also be designed as an optical rotary encoder. Customized front panel design and indirect ring lighting are just two of the options available.


  • Vertical shaft alignment
  • Connection via plug connector
Number of Positions
  • 32 positions incremental code
  • Without detent
  • 2 N/cm torque
  • 2,5 N/cm torque
Push Button Switch
  • Without push button switch
  • With push button switch F = 3 N
  • With push button switch F = 6.5 N
  • Vertical Ø 43 x 30.7 mm
Housing / Operating Front
  • Plastics
  • Individual operating front
Electrical Switching
  • Impulse switch max. 5 Volt, max. 10 mA
  • Push button switch max. 5 Volt, max. 300 mA
  • Touch sense function
  • Indirect ring lighting
  • Design as optical encoder
  • Industrial Control Elements
  • White Goods
  • Machine Tools
  • Control Stations


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